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The Centre for Emotional Health is a therapy based organisation, promoting emotional health from psychotherapeutic, human rights and anthropological perspectives; offering one to one therapy, research consultancy and training.

We are dedicated to highlighting how we harm and how we heal; helping people to develop and maintain well-being and prevent ill-health.

Our full title is The Heart Centre for Emotional Health.  We are so named to reposit the source of emotional health and the cause of distress in this physical centre, correcting the emphasis which is so commonly placed on the mind.

Our philosophy is that through developing and practicing self awareness we can achieve emotional balance and strength, leading to personal transformation and the fulfilment of potential.

We provide;
One to one Psychotherapy and Counselling
Confidential expert help to help you work through emotional issues, to gain insight into feelings and patterns of behaviour and feel more in control of your life.

Research consultancy and training
Helping your organisation identify and research key issues related to emotional health, human rights and differing perspectives on how to achieve well-being; to influence policy, raise awareness and effect change

News and Information
Providing the latest news on emotional health issues from around the world

Through our services we aim to;

• Promote understanding of the impact of emotions in our everyday personal and professional lives
• Promote self-awareness as a foundation for maintaining good health and preventing ill health
• Help people to establish and maintain emotional wellbeing, encouraging and developing self-reliance
• Use an integrative approach, adapting to the specific needs of our clients, addressing emotional, physical and spiritual selves and needs
• Create a safe environment where clients feel able to express themselves and explore their feelings with honesty, are able to work at their own pace to develop new insights, meaning and self awareness

We work with;

• We work with all members of the general public and voluntary, public and private sector organisations
• We specialise in providing counselling for professionals who work with distressed client groups, including those in humanitarian, human rights, social work, nursing, legal and related fields; emphasising the importance of preventative self care and looking after you whilst looking after others
• We offer corporate schemes for NGOs to support emotional well being at work through psychotherapy and counselling

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Is a Talking Therapy encouraging the exploration of emotions in order to gain insight into feelings and patterns of behaviour. Counselling is about developing self awareness. Self awareness is key in maintaining well being through honest reflection about how you feel and why.


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Nature Based Psychotherapy - CPD Workshops

Nature Based Psychotherapy Moving your practice into natural settings 5 day CPD Training 29 September – 27 October 2014 The…

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Reflective Group for professionals working with distressed clients, 3rd Sept

The group will provide a space for professionals who have contact with people who are in distress or suffering hardship…

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Outdoor meditation sessions, Wednesdays 5.15pm

From 16th July 2014 Wild in the City! will be running regular outdoor meditation sessions. This sensory meditation group will…

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Outdoor therapeutic group, 'Finding my voice,' starting 16 July 2014

An outdoor therapeutic group for women on the theme of ‘Finding My Voice,’ will be held in the gardens of…

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Walk and Talk - Counselling sessions in woodland

Walk and Talk counselling sessions in Sydenham Hill Woods Traditionally therapy sessions take place within the four walls of a…

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Mixed Race Matters - 2nd July 2012

The Centre for Emotional Health is facilitating a reflective session on Monday 2nd July 2012. Being mixed race is a…

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Mixed Race Matters - 30th January

The Centre for Emotional Health is facilitating a reflective session on Monday 30th January. Being mixed race is a unique…

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Mixed Race Matters - Reflective Group

The Centre for Emotional Health is running a series of three reflective group sessions for women exploring mixed race identity.…

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Lessons in healing from black women's stories

Good mental health means having a positive sense of identity and sense of control over who you are. Mental distress…

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New research: Black women's experiences of distress and recovery

The Centre for Emotional Health has worked in collaboration with the Mental Health Foundation and Survivor Research to document black…

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The drugs don't work and may cause harm, but prescriptions rise

In March 2011 the New York Times and The Guardian reported on the links between pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrist's over…

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Egypt: UN initiative to support children traumatised by recent violence

UNICEF and local partners in Egypt have launched a psycho-social progamme to support children traumatised by recent violence and uprising…

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DR Congo: UN helps provide psychotherapy

As part of a campaign against violence in DRC, 180 women between the ages of 14 and 35 will receive…

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Social workers' demanding role requires emotional resilience

Emotional resilience is a key theme within the latest report, Building a Safe and Confident Future; One Year On ,…

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Psychotherapy for human rights professionals

Psychotherapy for human rights professionals and those working with traumatised clients. The Centre for Emotional Health specialises in working with…

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Global Attitudes to Emotional Health

Nepal: Mental health care neglected, 8 Feb 2010 UN humanitarian news agency, IRIN, reports that according to the Nepalise government,…

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