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It can be important to engage in counselling with someone with whom you don't have to explain the issues of racism, who understands the dynamics and politics of oppression that you have experienced.  Racism is an obstacle that other people place in our path and adds to the challenge of being and achieving what we want to in life.  As with most forms of oppression, racism takes up time that we could be putting towards positive growth, in responding to it and its consequences on our lives.

The tentacles of racism can often be subtle and undermines us through causing self doubt or low expectations of ourselves. Racially empathic counselling creates space to understand if you are being unconsciously affected by racism (e.g. you hadn't considered putting yourself forward for a promotion because you've never seen a black person in that role before and therefore felt its not for you), to appreciate all that you have accomplished despite racism as well as contemplating all that you could be if racism did not exist in your life.

Black people may feel particularly unsafe in accessing support from 'medicalised' NHS services, where there is a disproportionate representation of black people in the mental health system, in which we are less likely to be offered talking therapy.

Black and mixed race children, growing up in isolation or as a minority (including trans-racial adoptees and those growing up in in rural or all white communities), may experience particular obstacles to forming a positive sense of racial identity.

I'm able to offer racially empathic counselling and support you in working through emotional issues.  For further information about counselling sessions contact me on 07906 832 952 or beth@centreforemotionalhealth.com.


Black Women's Writing Circle
Come and write in the company of other black women, share experiences and discuss the challenges and pleasures of sitting down and getting writing done. Writing ideas stacking up but not moving forward? Want a forum that can help provide writing discipline and explores emotional issues in finding your voice? Whatever your style of writing creative, non fiction, poems, novels, articles or level of experience these sessions can help you to unleash your potential.

Regular monthly writing sessions - 4 hours

The 1st hour will be a facilitated meeting to talk and share experiences related to our writing and finding our voice. The following three hours are set aside for getting writing done, whether you want to bring a laptop or pen and paper. There will also be opportunities to socialise and chat with other women about your projects. You are free to stay as long or as little as you wish within the four hours.
In the facilitated session (1st hour) we're looking at everything other than issues around style/structure etc, with a focus on the emotional and practical experience of the pleasures and challenges of writing.

As a group we will provide;

• Stimulation and motivation
• Opportunities to share and learn
• Companionship in what can be an isolated pursuit
• Focus and incentive to get writing done
• Support with writing discipline
• Support in publishing/performing work

These sessions will be led by Beth Collier, psychotherapist and researcher. Beth's focus is on supporting people through the emotional challenges in writing and the internal blocks that can prevent projects moving forward. As a psychotherapist she has worked with creatives including writers, artists and media professionals and has also mentored writers.

For more information contact Beth on 07906 832 952 or beth@centreforemotionalhealth.com

Mixed race identity

Beth facilitates Reflective Group sessions exploring mixed race identity;

Being mixed race is a unique experience which can lead to a rich understanding of race, culture, identity and belonging. This reflective session creates the space to connect with other mixed race people and to share thoughts, feelings and experiences on a range of issues.

The sessions follow the themes and discussion raised by its participants, however some example topics we may want to talk about are;

- How you see yourself, how society sees you
- How it feels and what it means to be mixed race
- Labels, which hat fits? Black/Asian/White/Bi-racial/Mixed heritage
- Half and half or whole
- Caught inbetween; family, race and culture
- Belonging; the same but different/Different but the same
- Racism and internalised racism
- Good enough? Compensating for not being white enough/black enough
- Physical appearance, Beauty, Hair, Make up
- Confidence, self esteem, knowing who I am

For more information contact Beth on 07906 832 952 or beth@centreforemotionalhealth.com

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